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Departure Date
14th Feb 2022
Rt Revd Rachel Treweek and Su McClellan
22nd Mar 2022
Rev Dr Robert & Rev Alice Ward
27th Mar 2022
Pastor Richard Daly
28th Mar 2022
the Rev. John Bridger
19th Apr 2022
Sarfraz & Pam Munir - Glory TV
3rd May 2022
Paul and Frances Campion
3rd May 2022
Mark & Sharon Roberts; John & Philppa Heron - DayOne
4th May 2022
David & Pauline Hatrey
4th May 2022
Peter & Rev Elaine Roberts
8th May 2022
Paul & Hilary Marshall
9th May 2022
John and Basma Chitham
11th May 2022
Rev David Ronco
14th May 2022
Pastor Emiliah Muteweri
29th May 2022
John & Liz Clevely
30th May 2022
Damian and Sandra Luke
31st May 2022
John & Linda Marshall
9th Jul 2022
Rev. Simon Mudada
25th Jul 2022
Bishop Dr Leonard Lupiya
26th Jul 2022
Rev James Olanipekun, District Superintendent
30th Jul 2022
Pastor Julius Brown
4th Aug 2022
Rev Wil & Rev Pam Sithole
22nd Aug 2022
Pastor Isaac Akande
11th Sep 2022
Bob Lillyman and Brian Fisher
14th Sep 2022
the Revd Peter and Mrs Carol Paine
19th Sep 2022
Bishop Martin and Mrs Espeth Shaw
20th Sep 2022
the Rev. John Bridger
2nd Oct 2022
Rev. Roger & Janice Rowland
17th Oct 2022
Rev Peter Whatton
18th Oct 2022
Rev Dr Joel Thomas
9th Nov 2022
David and Nabila Camp
14th Nov 2022
Pastor Anthony and Adele Smith
17th Nov 2022
Pastor Benard Mberi and Pastor Andrew
21st Nov 2022
Bishop Tony Robinson
11th Feb 2023
John Moronkeji
2nd May 2023
Mark & Sharon Roberts; Professor Julian Evans - DayOne


“Just to say that the visit to Egypt was absolutely fantastic.”

Sue Shute

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