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Departure Date
21st Jul 2023
Pastor Yessica Omolayo Segun
29th Jul 2023
Pastor Julius Brown
3rd Aug 2023
Rev Wil & Rev Pam Sithole
3rd Oct 2023
Anthony and Adele Smith
20th Oct 2023
Anne Nicholson
30th Oct 2023
Pastor Isaac & Mrs Kehinde Akande
31st Oct 2023
Carl & Vivien Palmer
1st Nov 2023
Sarida Jarrett
2nd Nov 2023
the TriBase Group
6th Nov 2023
the Rev. Julia and Alastair Bartholomew
7th Nov 2023
Dave Pope Flame Trust
11th Nov 2023
Annette Powell
15th Nov 2023
David & Nabs Camp
18th Nov 2023
Pastor Emiliah Muteweri
18th Nov 2023
Reverend Agatha Arthur-Bossoh
20th Nov 2023
Amos and Funke Peluola
28th Nov 2023
Rev James Olanipekun, District Superintendent
10th Feb 2024
the Rev David Moss
12th Mar 2024
Tom King & Paul Wright
21st May 2024
Rev. Mark Pugh and Rev. Roger Rowland


“I have to express my appreciation to Worldwide Christian Travel and most especially our tour leaders John and Daphne Ross for an amazing trip to Israel and Jordan. Their warmth and knowledge, as well as the wonderful accommodation, brilliant local guides and lovely tour members made this the a time to be remembered. I can't imagine it being better... ”

Jann Merchant

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