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Departure Date
26th Mar 2023
Pastor Richard Daly
16th Apr 2023
Rev Alan Munden
27th Apr 2023
John Marshall
2nd May 2023
Mark & Sharon Roberts; Professor Julian Evans - DayOne
7th May 2023
St.Giles and St.George’s Church, Ashtead
14th May 2023
Paul & Hilary Marshall
15th May 2023
Revd Andrew Corke & Canon Chris Tebbutt
26th May 2023
Bolanle Oyabayo
4th Jun 2023
Pastor Isaac & Mrs Kehinde Akande
21st Jul 2023
Pastor Yessica Omolayo Segun
25th Jul 2023
Rev James Olanipekun, District Superintendent
29th Jul 2023
Pastor Julius Brown
3rd Aug 2023
Rev Wil & Rev Pam Sithole
3rd Oct 2023
Anthony and Adele Smith
20th Oct 2023
Anne Nicholson
30th Oct 2023
Pastor Isaac & Mrs Kehinde Akande
31st Oct 2023
Carl & Vivien Palmer
7th Nov 2023
Dave Pope Flame Trust
11th Nov 2023
Annette Powell
15th Nov 2023
David & Nabs Camp
18th Nov 2023
Pastor Emiliah Muteweri
18th Nov 2023
Reverend Agatha Arthur-Bossoh
10th Feb 2024
the Rev David Moss
12th Mar 2024
Tom King & Paul Wright
16th Apr 2024
Stephen and Janet Gaukroger - Clarion Trust


“On the trip I experienced wonderful fellowship, joy and laughter that I shall carry with me for the rest of my days.”

Susan Russell

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