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Since 1967 we have been perfecting organising group tours and pilgrimages for churches and other organisations. All groups are suitable for Individual travellers too. if you cannot find the destination or departure date that suits you, please contact us, chances are that there is something in the pipeline.

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Image from A biblical tour to  ISRAEL

A biblical tour to ISRAEL

Led by Pastor Wil & Pastor Pam Sithole
Thursday 9th - Thursday 16th August 2018

Message from the Pastors:
One place to visit in a lifetime, the Holy Land in Israel. This will be our 5th year and perfect for both first timers and those who have already been to Israel but would like to return and tour some new sites and have new experiences.

Step your foot and you are definitely welcomed by blessed air, sunshine and friendly people. You are in Jerusalem and the Bible opens itself both Old & New Testament.

As you visit different places of importance of Jesus’ life, you will be overwhelmed. You breathe the air Jesus and the Old Testament prophets breathed, sometimes rain that rained on him, the sea Jesus sailed on, the soil He stepped on, the food He ate, the water He was baptised in, the mountains and places He saw and visited. It gives energy and above all Faith and trust in God that the Bible you hear preached or read everyday is true and real, your life will never be the same ever again with this experience.



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“The trip to the Holy Land was an exciting time of learning, travelling and fellowship. The tour guide exceeded expectations and gave new insights in to the Word of God, which was made a lot clearer when we understood more of our Jewish roots. The Bible seems more relevant now and it’s becoming more important for me to watch Israel; the time clock of the world.”

Mark Sealey

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