Tour of Israel

Led by Paul & Hilary Marshall

Sunday 11th - Monday 19th May 2025

We are part of the leadership team in Kings Church - Newport Wales where we head-up the Israel Prayer & Support Group. The group has been active for over two decades helping Christians to understand the importance of Israel and the Jewish people.

We have been leading tours to Israel for over 30 years; our hope is people will encounter Jesus in a deeper way in the Land he loves so much.

Compared with many countries Israel is minuet, but when compared with its history, landscape, culture and bible relevance it is a world leader.

Being such a small country it’s so easy to visit many outstanding sites in just one day. Every day of the tour is packed with excitement and variety, from one minute being in a barren desert and the next seeing the bible come alive while standing on the Mount of Olives. There is no other place on earth that can do this so come expecting a trip of a lifetime.

We will give you a clear, simple historical and biblical background helping you understand why Jesus was destined to be Jewish in the land of Israel. Just as he taught in parables, we present his teachings in simple and relevant ways.

Groups are always varied with people from different cultures and levels of understanding, this is why our style of guiding and teaching is easy to absorb.


We depart on our day flight from Luton to Tel Aviv, check into our Jerusalem Hotel.

This full day walking tour, sets out to follow Jesus’ Triumphal Entry into Jerusalem.
We begin on the Mount of Olives - with its spectacular views across the Kidron Valley and Jerusalem.
Tomb of the Patriarchs – The traditional burial site of the prophets Haggia, Malachi and Zechariah, here we will consider their end time prophesies and current world events.
Church of Dominus Flavit has a stunning overview across to Jerusalem, it was here that Jesus wept over the city knowing its future destruction.
Garden of Gethsemane and Church of all Nations, here are Olive trees dating back hundreds of years which will give a deep insight into the suffering of Jesus and to reflect his final hours.
After lunch the afternoon starts at the city walls and the Golden Gate where Jesus entered the Temple on His Triumphal Entry and through which He will walk on His return.
Lions Gate or St Stephens Gate from here Jewish troops recaptured the Old City during the 6 Day War in 1967. Pool of Bethesda Jesus healed the crippled man here who had not walked in 38 years. Crusader Church of St Annes, the acoustics are incredible so here we will have a chance to sing, even poor singers sound like opera stars.
Old City of Jerusalem walk the alleyways and passages of the Arab markets, take in the atmosphere and aroma of Eastern spices before a short walk through the Damascus Gate back to our hotel.

Bethany - Jesus often stayed here with His friends Lazarus, Mary and Martha, and was anointed here with oil before His crucifixion. You will have the opportunity to go down into the traditional tomb where Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead.
Visit the Shepherd’s Fields overlooking Bethlehem, go into caves from the time of Jesus to consider his birth and the prophesies written about this world changing event.
The City of David - a must visit, we start with a film showing how King David left the city of Hebron for a small hilltop city known as (Salem) Jerusalem, establishing it as the unified capital of the tribes of Israel. These excavations date back over 3,500 years and are more ancient than the Old City of Jerusalem, making it the most important archaeological site in Israel. You have the option of walking through the ancient Canaanite dry tunnel in the footsteps of the kings of Judah; David, Solomon, Hezekiah, and many of the prophets to watch the bible come alive before your eyes.
Recently discovered original Pool of Siloam, where Jesus told the blind man to wash his eyes and he would see.
The day ends at Southern Wall Excavations of the Temple Mount to stand on the steps Jesus took to enter the Temple.

Church of St Peter in Gallicantu on Mount Zion where he denied his friend Jesus three times. From here we can see the original steps Jesus walked up, from the Lower City (City of David) to the House of Caiaphas the High Priest. In the secluded church garden overlooking the Kidron valley we will ponder the 6 stages of Jesus’ trial.
The Upper Room traditionally held to be the site of the Last Supper, where Jesus shared the Passover (Last Supper) with His disciples.
  Chamber of the Holocaust – Israel’s first Holocaust Museum, has been the primary place for survivors to assemble with their families to remember, and reflect on those who were murdered by the Nazis and denied proper burial.
Jewish Quarter - walk through the alleyways and watch the religious inhabitants go about their daily lives, browse the shops that line Cardo Maximus, a street from Roman and Byzantine times which is just fascinating.
The Western Wall – the retaining wall of the Temple Platform the site of the Second Temple in the time of Jesus. This ‘Wall’ (Kotel) is renowned the world over, as a powerful place of prayer, and the second most important place for the Jews. Take time here and absorb the Holiness of this special place.

Masada - this fortress city was built by Herod and is one of the most important historical sites in Israel. The cable car takes us to the plateau with its magnificent views across to Jordan and the Land of Moab.
Qumran - 2nd Temple period settlement of the Essenes, a religious Jewish group and writers of the Dead Sea Scrolls.
Discovered in 1947 the scrolls are the oldest Old Testament manuscripts ever found. Amazingly, the biblical manuscripts are virtually identical to the manuscripts we have today of the Old Testament part of the Bible. This proves God’s ability to preserve His word through the ages.
The Dead Sea – (the lowest place on earth) this will be our lunch stop where you can float and not sink, if this is not for you sit back with a cold drink and relax in the sun.
The Judean Wilderness, where you will experience the solitude, and conditions familiar to John the Baptist and Jesus during His desert temptation. This always leaves deep impressions and challenging thoughts with the group.
Driving back to Jerusalem on the Jericho Road we stop at the Good Samaritan Inn built on the foundations of a 6th century.

Day 6 – FRIDAY
The Garden Tomb and Place of the Skull – a very special place considered by many to be the place of Jesus’ burial and resurrection, we share Communion and contemplate the importance of what took place here.
Leave the hustle and bustle of Jerusalem for the peace and tranquillity of Galilee.
THE ROAD OF THE PATRIARCHS Ancient Shiloh - 3,500-year-old biblical experience, the capital of the Land Israel, pre-king David, where the tabernacle and the Ark was set up in worship to God for 369 years. Samuel grew up and served here under the care of Eli. The “Haroeh Tower Museum” with spectacular audio-visual presentations, and the Archaeological Park which brings this extremely important site to life, you feel as though you are back in the days of the Prophets.
Driving through the Hills of Samaria we can see Mt Ebal and Mt Gerizim, where Joshua declared God’s blessings and curses, on the Israelites.
Next to Nablus, biblical Shechem and Jacob’s Well, where Jesus asked a woman for a drink and offered her “living water”. It is often considered the most  site in the Holy Land — since no one can move a well that was originally more than 40 metres deep.
Sabaste / Samaria the capital of the Northern Kingdom of Israel and mentioned over 100 times in the Bible. Jesus travelled through this area when He healed nine lepers also Phillip preached here, healing the Check into our hotel overlooking the beautiful Sea of Galilee.

Golan heights to the Nimrod Fortress overlooking what used to be the Via Maris the main trade route connecting Egypt and Mesopotamia.
At the foot of Mount Hermon, a possible location for Jesus’ Transfiguration is Caesarea Philippi it was here that Jesus asked his disciples “who do people say I am” Peter replied, “You are the Christ, the Son of the Living God.”
Following a source of the river Jordan we walk through The Banias Nature Reserve with its abundance of natural and historical beauty, to the roaring Banias Waterfall – the biggest waterfall in Israel.
Return to our hotel for a swim or relax looking at the breath-taking scenery.

Day 8 – SUNDAY
Galilee is such a peaceful and tranquil place; you will understand why Jesus spent so much time here. To experience this first-hand, we take a boat trip on the Sea of Galilee.
Crossing the River Jordan, we visit Kursi, (region of Gadara) it was here that Jesus landed in Gentile territory and cast evil spirits out of the demon possessed man.
The rest of the day will literally be walking in the footsteps of Jesus by following ‘The Teaching Triangle to Bethsaida where Jesus and his disciples fed the 5000. Capernaum, the Centre of Jesus’ ministry, where he carried out over 20 miracles and Chorazin, Jesus did many miracles here, he finally cursed it for its unbelief.
Magdala, to see the recently excavated 1st century Synagogue, Jesus most likely taught here during His time in Galilee. The site celebrates the role of women as it’s the home of Mary Magdalene, a dedicated follower of Jesus.

Day 9 – MONDAY
St Peter’s Primacy on the Sea of Galilee. Here after His Resurrection Jesus met the disciples, fed them breakfast, reinstated Peter and commissioned him to “feed my sheep”.
Atilt Illegal Immigrants Detention Camp it offers a fascinating insight into the history of the state of Israel’s struggles with British authorities during WW2 and its establishment in 1948.
Our final stop on this amazing trip is the Tel Aviv port of Namal - it has a huge promenade running along the seafront full of shops, restaurants and cafes’ just a great place to wind down before our return flight home.

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