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Departure Date
27th Jul 2019
Pastor/Prophet Julius Brown
27th Jul 2019
Pastor Sylvia Salazar-Espín - Spanish speaking
29th Jul 2019
Paul & Hilary Marshall
1st Aug 2019
Rev Wil & Rev Pam Sithole
6th Aug 2019
Rev James Olanipekun, Senior Pastor
13th Aug 2019
Kevin Baldwin
7th Sep 2019
Andrew Micklefield & Clive Anderson
8th Sep 2019
Chris & Lindy Hill
9th Sep 2019
the Revd Paul & Judith Lavender
14th Sep 2019
With the Very Revd James Atwell, Tour Leader
14th Sep 2019
Led John and Ruth Sutcliffe
17th Sep 2019
Robert & Alice Ward & Jane Holloway
30th Sep 2019
Penny Wallis and Carole Beckford
3rd Oct 2019
Apostle Israel Zvavamwe
17th Oct 2019
Bob Hamer and Mike Saffery
24th Oct 2019
the Rev David Beresford and the Rev Dennis Niziol
24th Oct 2019
Hilda Chehore
25th Oct 2019
Pastor Paul & Ruth Williams
29th Oct 2019
Pastor Anthony and Adele Smith
2nd Nov 2019
Matt Summerfield: Senior Pastor of Hitchin Christian Centre
3rd Nov 2019
Dr Clifford Denton
4th Nov 2019
Pastor Isaac Akande
4th Nov 2019
Rev Cindy Kent MBE Mothers’ Union
5th Nov 2019
Rev Dr Joel M. Thomas
6th Nov 2019
Peter & Rev Elaine Roberts
14th Nov 2019
Pastor Benard & Pastor Andrew
18th Nov 2019
Bernard Cocker and Team
18th Nov 2019
Rev Emma Langley
19th Nov 2019
Sim Dendy - Freedom Church
22nd Nov 2019
Reverend Agatha Arthur-Bossoh
23rd Nov 2019
Beverley Morgan and Rev Matthew & Kafui Tay
23rd Nov 2019
the Rev Stephen & Rev Mrs Wale Popoola
10th Feb 2020
Ian & Ruth Coffey
9th Mar 2020
Rev. Roger & Janice Rowland
14th Mar 2020
David and Nabila Camp
15th Mar 2020
Pastor Richard Daly
30th Mar 2020
the Rev’d Alan Munden
15th Apr 2020
Canon Gordon Smyth
22nd Apr 2020
David & Nabs Camp
22nd Apr 2020
David & Pauline Hatrey
26th Apr 2020
Chris & Lindy Hill
2nd May 2020
Clive and Helen Collier
5th May 2020
Paul and Frances Campion
5th May 2020
Mark & Sharon Roberts and John Roberts
7th May 2020
John & Linda Marshall
16th May 2020
Pastor Emiliah Muteweri
25th May 2020
The Reverend Alan Perry
6th Sep 2020
Chris & Lindy Hill
28th Sep 2020
Mark and Sharon Roberts
28th Sep 2020
Pastor KH Mudambanuki
8th Oct 2020
Pastor Arthur & Marge Laws
14th Oct 2020
Colin Jones
24th Oct 2020
Reverend Agatha Arthur-Bossoh
25th Oct 2020
John & Liz Clevely
4th Nov 2020
Rev David Ronco


“Having just returned from a holiday at Lake Garda and Oberammagau arranged by your travel firm I wanted to thank you very much for all the organisation which went into it. I can't remember when I've enjoyed a holiday as much as that.”

Joyce Blake

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