Travel Through Israel

Paul Williams & Clive Anderson

Travel Through Israel

For many, the dream of visiting Israel becomes a reality but for others it remains a dream. Travel Through Israel is designed to benefit both the traveller and the dreamer. Combining helpful information with illuminating photographs, it turns mere names and locations into living people and places; and for those who are not able to visit Israel, it will serve as an armchair guide. Either way it will make the ‘visit’ more memorable and meaningful. Among the guide books available, Travel Through Israel will prove uniquely helpful to those who love this remarkable land.

- Places of interest to visit
- Over 150 photographs, most in full colour
- Clear illustrated maps
- Valuable reference guide for the armchair traveller
- Inspirational and informative
- Interesting insights
- Highly collectable series

PAUL WILLIAMS is the pastor of Swindon Evangelical Church and Bible Institute. He also serves on the board of the European Missionary Fellowship (EMF), and lectures in systematic theology at their School of Biblical Studies. He enjoys leading tours to Israel and he is also the author of Travel with William Cowper in this series. Paul is married to Ruth, and they have three children.

CLIVE ANDERSON is pastor of the Butts Church in Alton Hants. He is a member of The British Museum Society, The British Institute for the Study of Iraq, the Egypt Exploration Society and the Tyndale society; he leads tours to the Middle East and around the British Museum and is the author of eight books including Travel with Spurgeon in this series. Clive is married to Amanda, they have one son.

Reader suitability
- Those interested in Bible history and travel
- Those who enjoy learning more about the Holy Land
- People planning to visit Israel
- ‘Armchair’ and ‘real’ travellers
- People who homeschool their children

Paperback, illustrated guide book

128 pages

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Day One Travel Guides are a unique and popular series of biographies.

• Accurately researched by qualified authors

• Beautifully produced with over 150 high quality photographs

• Maps, guides and website details to the relevant locations

• Equally valuable for the ‘armchair traveller’

• Designed to introduce people and places that have had an impact on our Christian heritage.

Ten reasons why you should use the Day One Travel Guides

A friend of Day One suggested ten reasons why you should use the Day One Travel Guides:

  1. Ideal introduction to our remarkable Christian heritage
  2. A window on the lives of prominent Christians across many centuries, informing the reader of their conversion, ministry and their trials too
  3. A superb taster that scholars, readers and non-readers alike can relish
  4. An invitation to taste before developing a wider interest in the person focussed on
  5. Remarkable captions of additional information, widening your interest and your understanding of the context
  6. Great in the hand, the bag, on the train, the bus, the plane or at home
  7. A series to be collected
  8. Finely illustrated books which aid the mind and fire the imagination
  9. A brilliant Sunday afternoon stimulus
  10. A truly uplifting and educating experience, which can draw Christians closer to God and lead non-Christians to the Saviour

The Promised Land
1. Walking on water
2. Look to the hills
3. Armageddon
4. Controlling the land
5. Dead or alive
6. From Olivet to Calvary
7. Jerusalem the Golden
8. Outside a city wall
A timeline from Abraham to Solomon
A timeline of Hebrew kings
A timeline of the main battles for Jerusalem
A timeline of Roman emperors and Jewish rulers
A timeline of the periods of development in the Holy Land
Information for the traveller in Israel
An index of place names
Recommended reading
Authors and acknowledgements



“Just a note to report that the trip to Jordan went very well. We all arrived home safely yesterday morning.

The group gelled together well and we all thoroughly enjoyed the itinerary and magnificent scenery. Everyone was surprised to realise how much Bible history had taken place there.”

David Ronco

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