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Departure Date
31st Mar 2017
Revd. Hugh Allen
7th Apr 2017
Ian & Ruth Coffey
23rd Apr 2017
Pastor Richard Daly
2nd May 2017
DayOne Christian Ministries
10th May 2017
Rev David Ronco
20th May 2017
Pastor Emiliah Muteweri
26th May 2017
Bishop David Rossdale
30th May 2017
Pastor Akande
11th Jun 2017
the Rev Dr Tom Maginley
16th Jun 2017
Pastor Eric, Pastor Marcelline Robinson
20th Jul 2017
Apostle B Mberi
24th Jul 2017
Rev James Olanipekun, Senior Pastor
31st Aug 2017
Geoff & Ruth McDonald
4th Sep 2017
Refreshment UK
5th Sep 2017
DayOne Christian Ministries
7th Sep 2017
Dr Tony Stone & Evangelist Josh Raybould
11th Sep 2017
Andrew Micklefield & Clive Anderson
12th Sep 2017
Led Revd Laura McWilliams & Revd John Walden
25th Sep 2017
Bob Hamer & Mark Lloydbottom
12th Oct 2017
Rev Ralph & Margaret Locke
15th Oct 2017
Chris & Lindy Hill
16th Oct 2017
Pastor James King
21st Oct 2017
Stuart & Irene Bell
21st Oct 2017
Rev’d David Corke
31st Oct 2017
Pastor Anthony and Adele Smith
7th Nov 2017
Sim Dendy - Freedom Church
12th Nov 2017
Rev Agatha Arthur-Bossoh
20th Nov 2017
Embrace the Middle East
20th Nov 2017
Rev Peter Whatton
8th Mar 2018
John & Debbie Squires
4th Apr 2018
Canon Gordon Smyth
2nd May 2018
Peter & Elaine Roberts
3rd May 2018
Stephen & Janet Gaukroger
3rd May 2018
Scripture Union - Linda & John Marshall
6th May 2018
Chris & Lindy Hill
8th May 2018
DayOne Christian Ministries
15th Sep 2018
Archie Rowe
3rd Oct 2018
Chris & Lindy Hill


“"Right from the start when I first made enquiries and throughout the whole process we have been ably supported and guided by you and your team."”

Canon Gilbert Spencer

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