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The Passion Play

The world-famous Passion Play in Oberammergau, traditionally held every ten years, is due to be performed again throughout the summer of 2020. In 1633, when the small Bavarian village of Oberammergau was in the grip of the plague, its inhabitants vowed that if they were spared, they would in future perform every ten years a Passion Play depicting Christ's bitter suffering.

In 1634 the villagers fulfilled their solemn promise for the first time, and for hundreds of years since then, despite dangers and threats, they have loyally kept their vow. Pilgrims from all over the world are captivated by the Play, which is not only a testimony of religious faith but also an outstanding cultural event.

Although the text and music have been adapted many times over the years, the traditional concept has remained intact. With inner conviction the amateur actors, all local people, represent time and again the life and sufferings of Our Lord.

The last major changes to the text of the Passion Play were made between 1850 and 1860 by the parish priest of Oberammergau, Alois Daisenberger, building on the work of Father Othmar Weis. The structure of the Play, with its living pictures from the Old Testament and acted scenes from the New Testament, has been retained to this day.

The music for the Play was composed in the early 19th century by the Oberammergau school teacher, Rochus Dedler. Revised and extended in 1950 by Professor Eugen Papst, it employs a large choir and orchestra and frames the entire spectacle.

The Play shows the story of Christ's Passion, beginning with the entry into Jerusalem and ending with the Resurrection and Transfiguration. The performance usually starts at 9.00am and ends at 5.00pm, with a midday break of two and a half hours. Lunch arrangements and bus transport around the village are included in the package, making the whole day a relaxing, as well us an uplifting, experience.

The Program & Itineraries

2020 will be our sixth Oberammergau season. It follows the very successful tour programmes, which we operated, to the Passion Play in 1980, 1984, 1990, 2000 and 2010.

We have a long experience of the complex procedures for obtaining Oberammergau "Arrangements" ­ Passion Play tickets combined with local accommodation. We can therefore offer a first class, reliable service for Oberammergau tours.

We expect the 2020 season to last from late May to late September, with 4 or 5 performances of the play per week. Once again we expect midweek performances to take place on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, and we recommend these because they are combined with a 2 night stay in the village.

Accommodation in and around Oberammergau is available in various categories, but demand for the few hotels is always high. In past years we have often used comfortable accommodation in private houses. For most tours we would expect to do so again in 2020.

The fact that this procedure divides the group into several smaller parties for 2 nights has never been a problem in the past. Indeed, many people particularly enjoy the experience of staying with local families in this way.

The suggested itineraries featured in our brochure are examples of Oberammergau tours, which have been popular in the past, or they are based on tried and tested tours, which have been operated to these regions in recent years.

Please email us your contact details if you would like to receive further information when available.

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Image of the Passion Play in Oberammergau Image of the Passion Play in Oberammergau Image of the Passion Play in Oberammergau


“Having just returned from a holiday at Lake Garda and Oberammagau arranged by your travel firm I wanted to thank you very much for all the organisation which went into it. I can't remember when I've enjoyed a holiday as much as that.”

Joyce Blake

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